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Exploring the Delicious World of Malaysia Snacks for Your Retail Business

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Sourcing

Malaysian cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its rich flavors, diverse influences, and vibrant street food culture. Among its culinary treasures are an array of tantalizing snacks that offer a delightful blend of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors. For retail businesses looking to offer customers unique and enticing products, Malaysian snacks present an exciting opportunity to diversify their offerings and cater to a growing demand for international flavors. In this blog post, we will take a delicious journey through some of the most popular Malaysian snacks, exploring their flavors, ingredients, and potential appeal to your retail business.

Malaysia Snacks Popularity

KL Foods

During Malaysia’s colonial occupation by the British, teatime used to be a supremely important meal. Scones, cakes, and cookies would all be paraded in front of diners, making this one of the most colourful repasts of the day. Malaysian sweets were also introduced into the lineup and as time went on and the country gained its independence, the tradition of teatime was still highly regarded and observed. 

The Malaysia Savory Snacks Market is a treasure trove of diverse flavors, textures, and aromas. From the iconic keropok (fish crackers) to the savory satay-flavored chips, the market offers a tantalizing array of snacks that cater to every palate.

Cultural Influences and Traditional Snacks

Malaysia’s savory snacks are deeply rooted in its rich cultural heritage. Traditional snacks like keropok, rempeyek (peanut crackers), and kerepek (crispy snacks) have been cherished for generations, symbolizing the essence of Malaysian cuisine.

The Rise of Innovative Flavors

In recent years, the Malaysia Savory Snacks Market has witnessed an influx of innovative flavors that fuse traditional tastes with modern twists. Manufacturers experiment with exotic spices, regional ingredients, and global inspirations, resulting in an exciting range of savory snacks that tantalize taste buds.

Halal Certification and Consumer Trust

Halal certification plays a vital role in the Malaysia Savory Snacks Market. With Malaysia being a predominantly Muslim country, the halal label instills consumer confidence and trust in the products’ quality and adherence to Islamic dietary laws.

Sustainable and Healthy Snacking Options

As health-consciousness rises, the demand for healthier and sustainable snack options has surged. Manufacturers respond with snacks made from natural ingredients, reduced sodium content, and sustainable sourcing, catering to the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers.

Packaging and Convenience

Innovative packaging plays a crucial role in the Malaysia Savory Snacks Market. Convenience and portability are paramount, as consumers seek on-the-go options that fit their busy lifestyles.

Top 10 Most Favourites Malaysia Snacks

Here are top 10 most favourites snacks from Malaysia.

1. Kuih


When it comes down to Kuih, the choices are endless. ‘Kuih’ is a Malay word used to describe bite-sized snacks. There are different varieties of Kuih, inherited from the traditional Malay or Peranakan heritage. There are so many options when it comes to Kuih, from Kuih Talam to Kaya Kuih, Onde-Onde, Kuih Ubi Bengka and more. Most of these Kuih are very colourful, in which those colours are derived from plants, like pandan leaves and butterfly pea flowers. They are added into tapioca flour and mostly mixed with coconut milk.

2. Ice Gem Biscuit

Another childhood snack that most Malaysians grew up with! Also known as ‘naval biscuits,’ it’s actually a basic bite-size biscuit topped with icing that comes in different colours. Our favourite part is always the icing, like we would always pick our favourite colour and devour the icing first before eating the biscuit. Just like the Wheel Biscuit, Ice Gem Biscuit is commonly found in those nostalgic biscuit shops that stores all of their treats in huge aluminium tins.

3. Keropok Lekor

A specialty snack coming from the Terengganu region, most Malaysians grew up eating Keropok Lekor or, have at least tried once. It is mostly made up of ground fish, like herring, ikan selayang, ikan tamban and mixed with sago flour to form into sausage-like shapes. These fish sausages are then boiled and froze before frying them until golden brown. Think savoury fish sausage, but extra crispy when served hot. Keropok Lekor can be commonly found in night markets or roadside stalls.

4. Murukku

One of Malaysian’s favourite snack that originates from the Indian subcontinent. The word ‘Murukku’ is derived from Tamil which means ‘twisted.” And yes, one of the most basic forms of Murukku is the twisted, round, spiral-shaped deep-fried snack. The ingredients are simple: spices, rice and urad dal flour mixed with either cumin seeds or sesame seeds. There are many types of Murruku available in the market, and our favourite is those noodle pieces mixed with peanuts. This type of snack is available all-year round, and is also one of the festive snacks during Deepavali.

5. Wheel Biscuit

Penang Foodie

One of our childhood favourites, this off-white cracker looks exactly like a wheel, hence its name. Wheel biscuits are super crunchy, with a tang of saltiness, and it’s super addictive. It’s that kind of snack where you go “once you start you can’t stop.” We don’t know about you, but we like to lick off the flavour coating before munching them. This kind of snack is often packed in a clear plastic bag, which can be commonly found in those nostalgic biscuit shops, night markets or on pushcarts.

6. Karipap

You’re not a Malaysian if you have never had a Karipap. It is the most common fried pastry snack that can be easily found at roadside stalls, bakeries and even cafes. While there are many versions of it, the most iconic type would be the one filled with curry chicken and potatoes, wrapped in pastry skin and deep-fried to perfection. it would be a plus point if there’s egg in these fried pastry pockets.

7. Haw Flakes

Hands up if you love Haw Flakes, also known as Shan Zha Bing in Mandarin. Remember we used to get these in those old-school mini marts that costs maybe about 10-20 cents each back then? This is also a popular snack that we get during Children’s Day in our goodie bags. Made out of Chinese hawthorn tree – the haw berries, it’s slight sweet and sour. You’ll have to peel off the paper packaging bit by bit to reveal these disc candies.

8. Roti Pisang

A sweet twist to the traditional Malaysian roti, Roti Pisang is basically roti dough stretched thin, combined or topped with star ingredient: banana. The dough is then pan-fried to golden brown and cut into square bite-sized pieces, dusted with sugar and drizzled with condensed milk. It’s sweet and savoury at the same time, perfect for those who’re looking for the perfect balance of a dessert and pastries.

9. Apam Balik


A classic street food snack, apam balik is a buttery pancake that comes in 2 varieties. The thick variety is Malay in origin and has an almost sticky, cake-like consistency with a filling of crushed peanuts, drizzled with gooey honey, and sprinkled with salty, juicy sweet corn. The thin version, similar to American pancakes, is smaller and has Chinese roots, with fillings that range from bananas to chocolate. You can find this street snack at almost any pasar malam (night market) in the city, but we love the stall at the head of the Petaling Street market.

10. Bahulu

A favourite, especially among the little ones, bahulu is a traditional Malay sponge cake, usually baked in the form of a button or goldfish. Combinations of eggs, flour, and sugar result in this crowd-pleaser, and these golden, crusty-yet-soft cakes make a great companion to tea and coffee. Grab a packet of these pre-packaged treats at the daily Chow Kit wet market (between Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman) or at the Jalan TAR pasar malam – one of the city’s biggest night markets, which takes place every Saturday.

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