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Southeast Asia Marketplace Distributions & Fulfillments

Coordinating all the entry and order fulfillment in multi-countries marketplaces are hard. Still, entering Southeast Asia marketplaces are the best investments for your brands to take the opportunities of 200 Billion Ecommerce Potentials in Southeast Asia countries. 

We offer Marketplace Distribution & Fulfillment solution for  the following countries




Thailand (soon)


Vietnam (soon)

What We Offer

Localized Product Listings

Best product listings should be localized according to the country where it sells. We understands this very well and we help in localizing your products before putting in marketplaces.

Order Management

Managing orders from multiple marketplaces are hard. Luckily, our system has allowed us to manager all your orders in popular marketplaces in easy way. Consolidating orders from Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora became a breeze now.

Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders will need coordinations with the warehouses by using standard 1×24 hours SLA. Fortunately, we have partnered and implemented all SLAs in place so that your orders will be fulfilled in all timely manner.

Monthly Sales Report

Seat tight because we will deliver all your monthly sales report every month to your emails.

You can check how many orders are fulfilled and the stock level inventory of your products.