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5 Most Searched Product from Malaysia for Retail Business

by | May 30, 2024 | Sourcing

The e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is on a consistent growth trajectory and is forecasted to hit US$ 67,640 million in 2021. This data highlights the vast opportunities awaiting e-commerce businesses. However, the increasing presence of eCommerce also brings about heightened competition. With many players adopting similar strategies, establishing a competitive edge becomes challenging.

If you are interested in understanding the e-commerce most searched product from Malaysia, this guide will provide you with valuable insights into the most searched products. Malaysia’s digital economy has witnessed significant growth, with a gross merchandise value of USD 21 million in 2022. Furthermore, it is projected to reach USD 34 billion by 2025, indicating a highly fragmented digital market in the country. Additionally, Malaysia ranks as the 24th largest e-commerce market globally and continues to experience continuous growth.

Malaysia E-commerce Market Growth

Let’s delve into the e-commerce market growth in Malaysia for 2024 before we discuss the most searched product. Malaysia has experienced significant growth in e-commerce due to its high mobile phone usage and a large internet user base. In 2022, 83% of Malaysians engaged in online shopping, with 68.4% using mobile devices.

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has played a crucial role in digitalizing businesses in the country, further supporting the adoption of e-commerce. As a result, many consumers have shifted to online shopping, and the pandemic brought in 36% of new consumers to the digital market in 2022.

The digital economy in Malaysia has been steadily growing, thanks to factors such as the tech-savvy younger generation, a wide range of online payment methods, and the Malaysian Government’s facilitation of small businesses through the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ).

Additionally, the growth of e-commerce in Malaysia is boosted by local sales events that offer significant discounts during religious and public holidays. These events contribute to the seasonal retail performance, creating shorter but more frequent sale periods.

These developments will continue to shape the e-commerce market trends in Malaysia and influence the overall shopping environment.

Top 5 Most Searched Products from Malaysia

After reading the rapid growth of e-commerce trends in Malaysia, it is now evident how crucial it is to be aware of the market trends in Malaysia for your online business.

Among the various trends that should be given due consideration, one of them pertains to the popular products being sold on Malaysian e-commerce platforms.

Being aware of the products that are in high demand will enable you to equip yourself with innovative ideas that align with these prevailing trends. Presented below are the comprehensive lists of the most searched products from Malaysia that you should familiarize yourself with.

1. Electronics

Gadgets and accessories isolated on white background

The Malaysian market is witnessing a surge in demand for advanced gadgets as technology continues to evolve. These tech-enabled devices not only simplify tasks for users but also offer convenience. However, it’s worth noting that stylish products that provide entertainment are also highly sought after by customers.

It is noteworthy that the electronic market in Malaysia is thriving, with an estimated revenue of USD 2.7 billion projected for 2024. Moreover, by 2028, the number of electronic users in Malaysia is expected to reach a staggering 14.4 million. These statistics clearly indicate the immense profit potential in selling electronic goods.

Bluetooth speakers, power banks, wireless charging products, gaming tools, and various other electronics are particularly favored by Malaysian consumers. By tapping into this lucrative market, you can capitalize on the growing demand and reap substantial rewards.

2. Body and Skin Care

Body and skincare items are currently the most searched products in the Malaysian market due to the rising demand post-pandemic. Nevertheless, consumers in Malaysia are now leaning towards health-oriented products over those that are simply aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to retail body care products, consider offering sheet masks, hair oils, natural personal care items, and more.

3. Fashion

Malaysians are not only interested in personal care products, but they also have a keen investment in fashion trends. It is projected that by 2024, the fashion market in Malaysia will reach a staggering USD 2 billion.

Given the ever-evolving nature of the apparel and fashion industries, customers are constantly seeking the latest trends and designs. As a seller of fashion goods, it is crucial to stay abreast of the fashion trends in Malaysia in order to offer customers up-to-date styles.

Furthermore, attracting customers can be achieved by offering promotions during shopping events such as 12.12 or holidays. This strategy can effectively entice customers and enhance their shopping experience.

4. Remote Work Equipment

product from malaysia

Based on the current market trends in Malaysia, it is advisable to prioritize investing in remote work equipment. The shift towards remote work has become more prevalent due to the pandemic, leading to a continuous demand for essential products like ergonomic chairs, stationery, adjustable laptop stands, versatile tables, and various other necessities.

5. Travel Products

The love for traveling among Malaysians has grown significantly. With Malaysia now allowing domestic and international travel after the border closures during the pandemic, there is a surge in demand for camping gear and backyard activities as people seek more outdoor adventures.

The trend of traveling has gained popularity among Malaysians. Following the reopening of Malaysia’s borders for domestic and international travel post-pandemic, there is a noticeable increase in the interest for camping gear and backyard activities as individuals embrace more outdoor experiences. 

Malaysians are increasingly engaging in traveling as a favored activity. With Malaysia lifting its border restrictions after the pandemic, there is a rise in demand for camping gear and backyard activities as people seek more outdoor adventures during their travels. Notably, 97.4% of all tourism expenditure in 2021 by Malaysians was on domestic tourism. Out of this 53.16% of all expenditure was on shopping, while 15.9% was on food and beverages.

Tips for Searching Products from Malaysia

Searching for products from Malaysia can be a rewarding experience, given the country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse manufacturing sectors. Whether you’re looking for unique handicrafts, electronics, textiles, or food products, here are some tips to help you navigate the process effectively.

1. Identify Reliable E-commerce Platforms

Start your search on reputable e-commerce platforms that have a strong presence in Malaysia. Some popular options include:

  • Lazada: One of the largest online marketplaces in Southeast Asia.
  • Shopee: Another major player offering a wide range of products.
  • 11Street: Known for its competitive pricing and extensive product categories.
  • Carousell: A consumer-to-consumer marketplace that can offer unique finds.

2. Use Local Search Engines and Marketplaces

For a more localized search, use Malaysian search engines or marketplace websites. Local platforms might feature smaller, niche vendors who don’t sell on international sites. Examples include:

  • Lelong.my: A local auction and shopping website.
  • Mudah.my: Malaysia’s largest marketplace for classified ads.

3. Explore Government and Trade Websites

Check government and trade organization websites for directories of Malaysian exporters and manufacturers. These sites often provide lists of verified suppliers:

  • Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE): Offers resources and directories of Malaysian exporters.
  • Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA): Provides information on industrial products and manufacturers.

4. Leverage Social Media and Online Communities

Social media platforms and online communities can be valuable resources for finding products and suppliers. Join groups or follow pages dedicated to Malaysian products:

  • Facebook Groups: Search for groups related to Malaysian products or business.
  • Instagram: Use hashtags like #MadeInMalaysia, #MalaysianProducts, or #BuyMalaysia.

5. Attend Virtual Trade Fairs and Expos

Due to the pandemic, many trade fairs and expos have moved online. These events are great for discovering new products and suppliers:

  • MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Showcase): An annual event showcasing halal products.
  • IGEM (International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia): Focuses on green and eco-friendly products.

6. Network with Local Chambers of Commerce

Local chambers of commerce can provide insights and contacts within specific industries. They often have directories of member businesses:

  • Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI)
  • National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM)

7. Utilize Online Directories and B2B Platforms

Online directories and B2B platforms can help you find and connect with Malaysian suppliers:

  • Alibaba: Features many Malaysian suppliers across various categories.
  • Global Sources: Offers verified suppliers and in-depth sourcing reports.

8. Check Product Reviews and Ratings

When using e-commerce platforms, always check product reviews and seller ratings. This can give you an idea of the product quality and reliability of the seller.

9. Understand Import Regulations and Duties

Before purchasing, familiarize yourself with import regulations and duties for your country. This ensures that you comply with legal requirements and avoid unexpected costs.

10. Contact Suppliers Directly

For bulk purchases or custom orders, consider contacting suppliers directly. This allows you to negotiate terms, request samples, and build a relationship.

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