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Find Products From All over the Globe and Start Your e-commerce Business Today With AsiaCommerce


AsiaCommerce does not just help you find the best supplier, we also help in the negotiation process so that you will get the lowest possible price
in a large quantity and matched with your specifications.

Why AsiaCommerce?

AsiaCommerce is not just a provider of import procurement services and logistics services. We also support entrepreneurs & SMEs for their sourcing and export-import needs
  • AsiaCommerce guarantees excellent service and has been utilized by many companies, SMEs, and startups
  • AsiaCommerce provides assistance in Quality Control and Quality Assurance to make sure that the goods are up to your specifications
  • AsiaCommerce assists in consolidation so that you can purchase from many suppliers while still maintaining a low cost
  • AsiaCommerce provides sales assistance so that your products can sell out fast
  • AsiaCommerce helps in integrating your store sales with various marketplaces and your e-commerce store
  • AsiaCommerce assists in e-commerce fulfillment so that you don’t need to hassle with warehousing and packaging

Features and Benefits You Will Receive by Being a Member

Professional Product Seeking Team

You don’t need to worry about searching for products for your business. Our product-seeking team will find them for you.

Online Catalogues

You can search for products with ease and affordability through our product catalogs. Get access to thousands of great products through our catalogue

Door to Door services

We offer delivery services starting from pick-ups from suppliers to hand deliveries to customers from Chinese suppliers

Product Checking

You don’t need to worry about products not matching your specifications because our professional staff will make sure that each product is up to your standards and specifications

Supplier Management

You don’t need to hassle and worry about supplier management because AsiaCommerce’s staff will handle everything for you

Warehousing and Storage

We have a warehouse in Guangzhou, China. This is to avoid unexpected costs like additional taxes and import duties, withheld shipments, and shipping uncertainties

Opportunities for Success With AsiaCommerce

Many opportunities for Profit and Success as you can buy products in bulk with cheaper prices

Same Product, just Different sources

Utilize this great opportunity by becoming a member of AsiaCommerce Network

Our Satisfied Clients


AsiaCommerce is very helpful when it comes to choosing products for my business. Their product choice is extensive with appropriate prices, this helped me in determining the products for my business. And the import process is very simple.



Asiacommerce’s complete selection of products is very useful for us business owners to know trending products in the market. This way there are no more uncertainties for our future product choices


Female Daily

It is not a mistake to choose any of AsiaCommerce’s products. With hundreds of thousands of products and various categories to choose from, our many client’s demands are met properly. I also don’t have to face the hassle of negotiating with Chinese suppliers. Thank you AsiaCommerce






Per Month


Access to Chinese Catalogue

Import From 1688, Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba

Weekly Hot Product Recommendation

Online Store Integration

Air and Sea Shipments

Basic Training Course


Rp.3,3 Mil

1 Year (Rp.275,000/Month)


All Benefits From Basic

Access to Our Global Catalogue

Supplier Negotiations

Product Request

Premium Training Course

Weekly Expert Classes


Rp.9,9 Mil

3 Years (Rp.275,000/Month)


All benefits from Basic and Premium

Fulfillment and EWMS Ready

Custom/OEM/ODM Solutions

Channel Management (Marketplace platform)

Premium Online Store

Priority Service


What is the difference between the basic membership and the premium membership?

To try out our services, you can join the basic membership. However, you will get a lot of additional benefits and features if you join the premium membership like 

1. Weekly expert class recordings

2. Cheaper monthly payments at Rp.275,000/Month for 1 Year

3. And many more additional benefits

Is it true that I can directly download from 1688, Taobao, and Tmall and directly import it to the Member's app?

Yes, as a member you can directly take the URL link for a particular item from Taobao, Tmall, or 1688 and directly import it to the member’s application.

Do I need to understand all of the customs regulations that may apply?

No, you do not. We will help check all the regulations and help you calculate all customs costs. you only need to choose what product to import, and we will do the rest.

I am afraid of getting scammed on the quality of the products, what should I do?

Don’t worry, as a member we will do quality checks for you. If the products are not within specifications, we will offer refunds.

What is the difference between AsiaCommerce and other similar services?

We know that each client has different needs, so we strive to analyze and provide solutions that are the best for our customers.

Is it true that I can import from Alibaba by joining the lowest tier membership?

Yes, we do not limit imports from any platform

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Yes, you can if you join our premium membership. Then you can make product requests to us and we will find the best fit for you

Can I import in small volumes?

Of course, we do not have any limitations on the amount and you can import per SKU with a minimum of 0,1 cbm.

What can be delivered?

The products that are allowed have to be in accordance with export regulations, as long as it is not:

  • Banned items like liquid or flammables
  • Banned drugs or substances
  • Firearms (Including replicas), explosives, and ammunitions
  • Pornography and stolen goods
  • Valuables like jewelry, cash, gold, precious stones, etc
  • Live animals and plants