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AsiaCommerce has several services, including:

  • Import Solutions: By importing with AsiaCommerce, you don’t have to bother with customs, special documents for import, logistics, etc., because AsiaCommerce can help you take care of all things related to the import, so you only need to order goods with the type you want and wait for the goods to arrive at your place.
  • Export Solutions : AsiaCommerce will help you to find buyers, sell goods, and logistics, so you can fully focus on the production of goods only.
  • Membership Service: By becoming an AsiaCommerce member, you don’t need to be confused about which item you want, because our product seeker team will help you find the best items at the lowest prices. In addition, there are several things that you will get when you register to become our member ; import business education from 0 to advanced, discounts on logistics costs, assisted in negotiating with suppliers, you can dropship internationally and directly sell unique items through integration into the e-platform. e-commerce such as Woocommerce or Shopify, and also full support if you want to discuss import issues.
  • Reseller and Dropshipper Distribution: By becoming a reseller or dropshipper at AsiaCommerce, you will get access to our product catalog and you as a reseller will also get free reseller education.
  • Marketplace Distribution: We also have marketplace distribution services that can help you integrate products into domestic and international marketplaces. In addition, we also have fulfillment services, where we will help your business starting from the order process, packing, and shipping to your consumers.