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Guangzhou Office

广州市白云区时槎路691号迅峰商贸中心 T2栋312房


Phone: +86 – 138-2440-7489

Contact : Vivian


Email: [email protected]

Hongkong Office

25/F Workington Tower, 78 Bonham Strand, Sheungwan, Hongkong

Contact : Frans

Email: [email protected]

Jakarta Office

Jalan tubagus angke 20 D dan 21 A, angke, jakarta barat

Phone: (+62)21 2608 0492

Contact : Vene

Email: [email protected]

Surabaya Office

Jalan Karet No.45, Surabaya, Indonesia

Phone: (+62)31 9909-3118

Contact : Novi

Email: [email protected]

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