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5 Content Marketing Tactics For eCommerce Business

5 Content Marketing Tactics For eCommerce Business

Do you know what are the content marketing tactics for e-commerce business? Or do you not? Alright, content marketing can describe many things – from a short blog post published on the company website itself in the form of long articles or even e-books. It can also include a video published on YouTube, a photo on Instagram, or even memes.

Maybe there are hundreds of tactics that you can consider in content marketing. However, there are five more brief and effective marketing content that you can apply here. But this short list does not rule out the possibility that there is a weakness, but this is considered the easiest to understand, and the most common for content marketing in e-commerce business.

1. Create a Compelling Product Description

Cara Sukses Terampil E-commerce MarketingOne of the main subjects of e-commerce business is to be able to reach and make it easier for consumers to come, namely: the product description.

Why is the product description so important? Product description does not just explain the products offered to buyers, but also create an emotional connection, what will be remembered, and that leads to sales. More to be simply stated, try to consider two product descriptions below:

“Each of the 3 Liberty is made of Stainless Steel Bar Pictures (4-Pack) has a 1-3 / 8 projections, made with stainless steel traction to help ensure the power and features. The design is made for easy installation. Equipped with 8-32 x 1 Screw machines. “

You can use the above, but there are other alternatives below.

“This modern, even minimalist, interesting bar drawers that give flavor and uniqueness of their own style without unnecessary ornaments or decorations. Designed by architect experienced in every detail, anyone can have it in a heartbeat. Your order will include four tug, designed for drawers with 3-inch holes separately, and screw to start building soon. “

Sample description A / B will determine which are more attractive to buyers.


2. Create an Informative Product Video

taktik konten marketingProduct videos are closely related to the product description. For this one, it takes a little more work to produce than a written description, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that says that it can increase sales and conversions.

For example, Kissmetrics reports that “70 percent of the top list of search results” leads to the product video. And the level of interested buyers is between 64-85% more likely to make a purchase. If Kissmetrics can sell half of their products through video, then video is a great marketing tool content.

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3. Useful Articles

taktik konten marketingUseful articles will help readers complete some task or solve a problem and, perhaps, would be the highest form of content marketing.

When your business can really help a potential customer, you have done more to get the business and the loyalty of buyers.

For example, asiacommerce.net has an article on its website that offers tips on increasing sales and build loyalty with your order confirmation email. The information in these articles are helpful to readers especially those who are still pioneering their business in order to know a good way to treat customers, and not only to sell their products.


4. Interesting Photography

taktik konten marketingContent marketing with attractive photography in Instagram or Pinterest accounts is deemed able to lure shoppers and encourage them to share them in their own social media accounts.

The makers of Buffer, a social media sharing application, reported in 2014 that visual content, such as interesting photography, is about 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than text, and visual content produce double the views on social media sites than text-based posting.

One could even say that the picture in some way will spread. Get one social media to capture it, and many more will see it and interact with it.

As a means of content, photography can be used with the product description, in lookbooks, social media, or to add new articles.


5. Fun Contests, Polls and Quizzes

taktik konten marketingContents can be entertaining. And you know entertainment can attract people. Content marketing can use contests, polls, and quizzes distributed on a blog post or a variety of social media accounts to engage potential customers.

The contest, for example, clearly gives something for the contestant, such as the chance to win prizes. But the contest is also a great way to add followers on Facebook, Twitter, or the same platform; learn something about people entering your contest; and even get participants to share your content.

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Great Ways to Change Instagram Audience into Potential Buyer

Great Ways to Change Instagram Audience into Potential Buyer

Instagram is one of the most potential social media to sell via online. Audience and followers can easily view photos and follow updates an Instagram account because of its display design and feature that is highly user interface. Not only its design and feature but also its simplicity makes people easily to like Instagram because this application performs very good visualization. Moreover, as reported by the Enterpreneur, about 50 percent of the Instagram audience follows brand accounts, 60 percent of them learn about products dan sale services while 75 percent of them feel interested in doing action after seeing particular post on Instagram.

Many things that audience do on Instagram such as visiting website, finding out about certain products, perhaps telling friends or even actually shopping. Well, if you are doing online business to get an optimal result, the key is manage Instagram in a proper way. Here is the tips that help you to change Instagram audience into potential buyer.

  1. Make a unique display design.

 You can divide your photo display into three photos in horizontal and vertical form. This is one of the most favorite posting tricks mostly used on Instagram. Not only more ‘artsy’ but also it can make people more interest because the photos is divided, not once posting only. Don’t forget the color detail of your photo then sharpen your photo and don’t use low resolution photo to make high resolution photo. Besides its technique, ensure that your photo is easy to undertand such as having a playful, fun and elegant content.

  1. Make audience feel curious by using posting strategy.

 You can create post that makes the audience curious about your post and interested in buying your product. Better if you don’t attach link to your photo caption but put it on your bio. You can also directly connect Instagram and attach your Instagram products and services to your website. Basically your goals are to facilitate your followers so that they feel fit and comfortable to make a purchase.

  1. Focus on engagement with audience.

 You must be done everything about business totally although purpose of business is not the main point especially if it’s related to audience. The point is about your attitude. Always be nice to everyone and all parties, start from your customer, co-workers to competitor. Being someone who is always be positive is the key. Be nice, be a good listener and give the best services. Remember that the aims of social media is also as the mean to communicate with audience and customer directly. Provide the fastest and nicest response is your customer dreams.

  1. Make an interesting and fun shopping activity in online store.

 It will make your instagram audience getting bored if it is only about shopping. You can create fun and enjoyable shopping activity such as a contest and give great prizes not only that but also give exclusive offer, for instance, voucher and discounts to your Instagram followers. You can also attach link promo code on Instagram, it can make your Instagram more exclusive. In addition, you can collect and track your customer info. You should post and promote it consistently on Instagram if you hold a contest or give discounts and your website.

Remember that it’s all about working hard and keep trying. Do not be easily discouraged when get failure, but instead make it as motivation and enthusiasm to keep trying and trying again.

Buyer Persona: A Guide On How You Target the Right Customer

Buyer Persona: A Guide On How You Target the Right Customer

As a businessman who works in the field of e-commerce, you certainly want a lot of people to be interested in visiting the website created by you and buy the products that you sell. And to do that, you need some strategies like SEO techniques that are reliable, and the most important is to map the prospective buyer. Mapping of potential buyers is very important to ensure the sustainability of the site that you created. One method that can be done to attract prospective buyers efficiently and appropriately is to build a buyer persona. What is a buyer persona?

The buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer you’ve made through thorough research and by using the data that you get from your current customers that include demographic data, patterns of behaviour, motivations and objectives. The more you have detailed descriptions of your buyer persona, the greater your chances of making products that are needed for your business standing.

And in building the right buyer persona you can’t do it haphazardly, here are some tips that can help you build an effective buyer persona.


Buyer Persona: A Guide On How You Efficiently Target the Right Customer


1. Identify The Questions You Would Ask

The first thing you should do in building a good buyer persona is to provide basic questions but detailed that will be asked to the people who will be interviewed. In this case, it helps if you break down these questions into three categories, namely category of personal background that includes their demographic circumstances, such as marital status, income per year and where they live. This category also includes educational background as well as their career path.

The second category is the background of the company where they work. Ask detailed questions to them about the environment they work, such as the focus areas of the company as well as how big the company they work (can be seen from the number of employees, etc.).

The third category is their role in the field of work they pursue, and the challenges they face and their hopes and goals that they hold in performing their daily tasks.

The fourth category is the life of a virtual world that they pursue. As from where they receive a wide variety of current news, blogs they often visit and organisations or social networks in which they participate.

And a fifth category is the habit of shopping they do. Such as how they interact with the seller, and whether they use the internet service in the purchase of such products, as well as when they did their last purchase.


2. Sort Out The Appropriate Data Collection Techniques

The next step you should do is to select the appropriate data collection method to create buyer persona. Two methods that you can consider is the method of survey and interview. If you are using interviews, you can interview customers who’ve tried your product. And in this case, you have to accept not only the interviews that flatter your products but also the result of customers who are not satisfied with the services or products you launch. Thus, you will know the advantages and drawbacks of your company.

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3. Start Building Your Buyer Persona

buyer persona

Once you get the full data from respondents who’ve already been interviewed, it’s time to harness the power of your analysis to identify patterns and the objectives that lie behind such behaviours. Thus, you will be helped to understand the mindset of the consumer.

Discuss with the entire marketing team in creating buyer persona with pointed patterns of behaviour that they know well. You can give a name and even design a face so that the person look more realistic and exciting.

The Ultimate Guide On Facebook Sales Funnel

The Ultimate Guide On Facebook Sales Funnel

Ah… Sales funnel. The algorithm of marketing. It is the process of guiding unqualified prospects into customers who actually buy your products, by making sure people don’t drop away at each state. Curious, huh? Let’s take a look at the elements of facebook sales funnel.

The Ultimate Guide On Facebook Sales Funnel


1. Awareness

The first step is to make prospects aware of your business. Grab their attention and inform them of your product.


2. Interest

Once prospects are aware of your brand’s existence, it’s time to engage them to your offers by providing them something interesting and valuable. Highlight specific value proposition that are just for them.


3. Decision

In this stage, prospects are starting to consider the pricing, trial offers, and ways to get started.


4. Action

At last, our very own favorite phase: Where prospects become customers.

Sales funnel is indeed a strategic way to monitor your sales process, but how are we going to incorporate these steps in Facebook Ads?


Try the 4P strategy:


1. Prospect

Know how to attract people and who you are attracting.

  • It is essential to match your ads to each segment of your audience based on their preferences. To do this, you can use custom audiences on Facebook and apply the segmentation that you have analyzed from your earlier subscribers.
  • Construct engaging headlines, where it highlights the prospects’ interests or concerns. Below are examples of compelling headlines:



2. Proposal

Offer them something beneficial such as e-books and webinars in exchange for e-mail address. The key to maintaining the prospect’s interest is tenacity. Trial and error is okay for you to find the perfect content to offer them.

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3. Purchase

Provide them stats or testimonials to convince them to make the purchase.


4. Profit

After they have purchased the product, give them rewards so that they want to make additional transactions or promote your business elsewhere. Here’s an example of how Starbucks turn their customers into promoters:

facebook sales funnel


What does your company’s sales funnel look like? Is your organization using Facebook ads to convert customer across the funnel? What Facebook ad strategies have worked best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 Tricks to Promote your New Online Store

5 Tricks to Promote your New Online Store

The competition in online business is getting harder day by day. This applies also in many kinds of business, starting from selling products until services offering and so on. If you, as a new businessman does not implement such business marketing strategy, then your brand will not be able to stay along. As we can see today that there are many new online stores whether it is home based business or international business. However, if you also want to open an online store, you do not need to feel restless about the high level of competition. From all above, the most important thing is how you can easily and efficiently market your online business to your targeted audiences. In this occasion, 5 tips to promote your new online business to your potential buyers will be explained thoroughly.

  • Make a clear content. Even if this topic seems simple, yet it will be such a determiner whether your consumers want to shop in your online store or not. Here, you may start to describe your product clearly, or as an additional information, you may add an article and review that still has correlation with the products.
  • Connect to social media every time. This is the most familiar way in promoting your new online business. However, it is suggested that you have to be really focus at least on three kinds of social medias. For example facebook, instagram, and twitter. In social media, you have to make a group that is focused on your products and re-share contents which you have made there frequently.
  • Use specific promotion services. Have you ever heard PPC services or pay-per-click? This service is mostly used by the owner of online shop to market his business and it is effective for beginners. This service is usually offered by search engine like Google with its Google AdWords up to Bing with its program, which is Bing Ads. Then, how does it work? For search engine, it will display your online shop ad and you must pay whenever someone clicks on your ad.
  • Try to use the fresh innovative marketing strategies. If you are not satisfied with the present marketing strategies, or you may feel that the existence marketing strategy is less suitable to be applied in your online store, then it is possible for you to create a new marketing strategy. By having a capital coherent research and analysis, you are ready to do the experiment for your customers in terms of advertising until such programs like Facebook shop and buy buttons on Pinterest. The key is do not feel hesitate and afraid to fail.
  • Choose the right advertising option. In this modern era of technology, you are exposed to many kinds of interesting and tempting media advertising. In this case, there is conventional advertising media which relies on such medias like radios, televisions, and newspapers. The advantage of using this kind of media is your product can be seen by wider audiences that cannot be reached by internet. However, its shortcoming is it tends to somewhat uneconomic.

Whilst, further options are an advertisement through video or digital. Both of them include audiences’ network which is connected to cyberspace. This way is considered to be more economic but it should be prepared as creative as possible.